Do THIS Before You Brand

A Free 6 Day Email Course that lays the
Foundation for a Brand that Means Business

This Free Course Is Coming Monday, June 5th

Do THIS Before You Brand

Wonder What Separates a Stylish Cohesive Brand From Others?

The clarity & vision they had for their business before they even started to create a logo or design a website. 

The Compass Your Brand Is Missing

Your niche is your business compass.
And your visual concept is the compass for your brand. 

They point you in the direction you need to go & are also the first step to having an actual business and brand. Because like I've learned from experience (the hard way) ...

You won't go anywhere if you're not sure where you're trying to go. 

Whether you're a side hustler that's just starting out or someone who's been trying to pull it together for the last 2+ years - figuring out these two things before you start to create a logo, design social media graphics, and even build a website are essential

But if you've already started to brand without these 2 crucial steps TAKE THIS COURSE NOW BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER

What to Expect from this Free Course:


You need to clarify your niche before you can brand in order to understand what visually appeals to them or attracts them to even listen to what you have to say. 

Figure Out The Problem You Solve

Determine the real solution people are paying you to solve, grasp who you're specifically solving it for, & uncover their true pain points. 

Clarify Your Topic, Focus, & Direction

Get clear on what you're doing + the intentions behind your business, so you later can bring those same values into your brand.

Find Something Unique for You

Figure out your strengths + uniqueness in order to build a business & create a brand that's sustainable for you to continue for the long haul.


Once you nail your niche, you're then able to use it as a foundation to create a simple concept from which to build your visual brand.  

Make a Simple & Clear Design Concept

Follow this fun & simple exercise in order to clarify the message you want your business visually to send.

Discover Visually What Makes You Tick

Build upon the previous exercise to determine a range of colors + visual elements for your brand.

Create an Authentic Brand Mood Board

Make a mood board that depicts the overall message, colors, & design aesthetics of the brand you truly want.

Designed to Help Keep You On Track:

Beautiful Workbook Pages

That you can fill out directly on your computer screen or print because you like to put pen to paper. The choice is yours. 

Worried about devoting time to "yet another" free course?

That's why this course covers 2 essential subjects in only 6 days!

It's divided into 2 sections that are broken down into bite sized pieces through the use of exercises to help you get clear on your niche & help you begin to create a visual brand (hello brand mood board by the end of this course!). 

Plus each day is clear, well thought out, and fun :) This is not a boring subject - it's all about the business & brand you're excited to build!  

And you'll only need about 30 minutes a day to complete it!

That's only 3 hours of your time over 6 days. 
Be honest, you've spent more time binging on Netflix...

Or playing around with social media graphics on Canva just trying to figure out what looks good because you're not clear on these foundational brand basics. 


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